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Dinner Island Part II: Macro and Sunset

After going through the rest of my photos of Dinner Island I realized I didn’t have enough macro shots to warrant a separate post. Alas, you’ll get a mix of macro and sunset. I love looking at the little details…



Lichen holding on…

fence 2
I think this is one of my favorite shots. It can be difficult to get light coming in like this, but I love it!

fence 3

fence 4

fence 5

dinner island sunset 4
Probably my favorite sunset shot out of the set.

dinner island sunset 3

dinner island sunset 21

dinner island sunset 1
I didn’t think this one was going to turn out that great when I looked at it in the camera, but I think I like it!

A few things:
-Does anyone else have horrible spam comment issues with WordPress? I NEVER had this problem with Haloscan (which is now closing its doors, so go download all of your comments now!), but I get at least one a day if not more and it is usually on the same post. I don’t want to moderate every comment but this is getting ridiculous!

-We now have a Trail Journal page. It has an RSS button as well. I am planning on copying and pasting on each. I did three posts, repeats of what was on here in order to get the journal listed on TJ, and you can do HTML so it will be easy to c&p. But, TJ has a gear section and we are slowly adding our gear to it. I will let you know when we’ve got it finished and you can have a gander at it.

-We went to Little Slough today to check on the ghost orchids and make it a farewell trip. The ghosts did much better than we thought. A few were already on their way out from a dry spring last year, but only a few had some yellowing on their roots. One even already has a spike! So, things are good there. I’ll bring photos of those later this week. It was a bit bittersweet leaving it, but we have some friends who will keep a good eye on it.


  • ajira

    The comment window shows up weirdly as well. Don’t know if anyone else has had that issue but the window is so narrow that I am watching my words come up vertically. It’s a little freaky.
    Love the macro shots. I’m a bit of a close-up addict!! 🙂 The moss is gorgeous and the sunsets too!

  • misti

    Ajira and all:

    There is a drag button on the bottom right corner of the comment box. The template I imported and then used my design over is what I am going off of and haven’t been able to fix it.

    You can drag it and make it bigger!

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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