Appalachian Trail 2010

No Pain, No Rain, No Maine

Today is the last day at home. We’re both feeling better and have decided to keep our start date for Saturday, though it appears it’ll be dreary with some rain. We’re heading out tomorrow to drive to Georgia; my dad and uncle are driving us out. They will drop us off sometime on Saturday morning and we’ll make our way up the 8 mile Approach Trail to the start of the Appalachian Trail on top of Springer Mountain.

I started dreaming about the trail the other night. Somehow it involved a sister species to the roseate spoonbill, a darker red bird that only lived in Maine and along a few other Great Lakes states. Too bad it wasn’t real!

So, there are only a few things that concern me: blisters (though that will work itself out after awhile), my ankle hurting, my knee hurting (both on the same leg! Thanks softball…), rain day in and day out (inevitable at some point), and being snowed in. I think the snowed in part is not very likely to happen, but still, it’s out there looming in my brain.

I am going to have make myself take it day by day, mile by mile and state by state, not jumping ahead and wishing to hurry up to some other state. Just make it from one town to the next and keep on moving.

I’m wondering how crowded it will be this weekend. Some people are writing 20-30 people at the first couple of shelters. Ick. Fun for socializing, not fun for sleeping—too loud.

Today we’re wrapping everything up. The health insurance is still up in the air; they’ve called us twice asking for more information on a few health issues but I think we’ll be approved soon. Our phones are taken care of. If you have our #’s, call Chris’ number (email if you need it) and leave a message. I’ll check my messages some, but we’re taking Chris’. Going through our packs for a shakedown. Mailing another maildrop. (oh, the maildrops are updated and are listed on the top left here on the blog). Giving Samson a bath for his fleas. Go see my grandmother. Upload our mp3’s with cds’. Just make sure it is all done.

zoe 2
I’ve become “T” to this kid since she can’t say Aunt Misti. Sometimes it comes out Aunt T, which I have a feeling is going to be morphed into Auntie one day and that is what I shall be called. I will miss the heck out of her. Ashleigh is gaining weight, 2lb 8oz; saw her last night where she cried (non vocally because of the tubes) while her diaper was changed. It was heartbreaking to see her cry like that. She’ll be home next time I see her. YAY!

Next time I write I will be somewhere up the trail. It might be awhile between posts. I’m hoping to write in Neels Gap or in Hiawassee.

Thanks for reading and keep us in your thoughts!


  • chelle

    are you guys travelling I-20 to get to GA? i’m thinkin so since it will be the best route, if you want to stop at a gas station at 42 we are about 30-40 mins away from it and jp is off tomorrow. we could kinda do a see you off sort of thing. if you wanted to take a few extra minutes out of your trip. which i kinda think you won’t…i know when i get on the road i am too anxious to get where i’m going to stop. but i just wanted to put that out there b/c we will be taking kai to play at a park somewhere tomorrow.

    as for your trip. chica, i love you so much and am gonna worry about you constantly 🙂 you guys be careful, take care of yourselves and don’t rush things. if you don’t feel up to moving much one day there is NO reason to push it! this is your first trip on the trail and i have a feeling it won’t be the last chance you get. even after you have kids i’m sure you would have sitters 😛 but anyway…take care of yourselves and each other. take it one day at a time like you were saying. don’t get so excited by the next state or the final checkpoint that you miss what is right in front of you guys. i love you both so much and am so thankful you are in my life. come home to us safely and i can’t wait to see you this fall!!! ****hugs***** to last till fall!!!

  • Patrice

    Good luck guys!!! And definitely take it day by day. I think that may be one of the harder lessons learned on the trail for some people … not having control over the “schedule.” Anyways, happy hiking!!!

  • Kat

    We’re so happy for you guys doing this! I am just as anxious as you are and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers 😉 It is going to be such an amazing trip and I hope you get to take lots of pics for us sedentary folk to live vicariously through you.

    Enjoy the walk…and the little things along the way…it will make your trek all the more memorable 😉

  • Chris

    Via con Dios, my friends! I wish you the best of luck and will be thinking about the two of you alot. You know you can call me if you need anything, not that I’m close enough to really help, but I’ll do what I can! And I WILL see you either in Harrisburg or Harper’s Ferry…PROMISE!

  • Heather

    Best of luck with the hike, Misti! I’m a bit far from the trail, but if you need anything when you pass my way (you’ll be almost there!), let me know.

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