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  • Stephanie H

    Cool pic! You inspire me to use my different camera settings to get interesting shots of flowers, cats, or other things that I think might be neat up close! 🙂 News with me… I’m having to give Bella, the Siamese cat, back to the SPCA. 🙁 I don’t want to, but she and the other cat don’t get along, and it’s causing bad behavior issues (peeing and pooping where they’re not supposed to be) So, boo on that. I’m sad and disappointed that it has to be this way, but we can’t live in a disgusting house with all of our doors closed because of two cats that can’t get along. I can’t imagine! We don’t even have kids yet, but these cats are like having two children! At least children you can talk with them, reason with them, and discipline them. Cats– not so much! That’s my latest news…

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