Appalachian Trail 2010

Section Hikers

Hawk, Jay, Cheap Shot & Crazy Talk - Section Hikers @ AT Shelter

Hawk, Jay, Cheap Shot and Crazy Talk, section/day hikers from the VA/DC area. Nice people! Thanks so much for entertaining us and I’m glad you enjoy your new trail name Cheap Shot! It’s always nice to see people who aren’t thru-hikers to get a different perspective on things.


  • Vinny aka "Cheap Shot"

    So nice to see ourselves immortalized on your web page, even if you had to white out my face. Love your classy blog, Cheap Shot

  • Vinny aka "Cheap Shot"

    Panther/Ridley, it is so cool that you guys finished; loved the whole read, got a little emotional seeing the videos on Katahdin. best wishes on everything you two have ahead of you…..cheapshot

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