The Song of the Loon

We officially walked to Maine! It was very exciting to see this sign! The book said that the state line was this yellow paint spot but I wasn’t expecting to see a sign since the majority of our previous state lines didn’t have anything. There is a sticker that I see frequently at outfitters, one […]

The Whites: A Definition

The Whites -noun 1)a mountain range in N New Hampshire, part of the Appalachian Mountains. Highest peak, Mt. Washington, 6293 ft. (1918 m). 2)Ass kicker 3)Vermont + Pennsylvania combined. Mud + rocks. 4)Mileage reducer 5)Beautiful 6)Exhausting 7)Crowded Ahhhh….we’re done with the Whites!!! THANK YOU GOD! Ok…so I’m a touch dramatic, but wow, what a wipe […]

Random Shots from Vermont

My birthday dinner in West Hartford, VT. The General Store is right on the trail so stop in and have a sandwich, ice cream and pizza! Rock cairns. Clarendon Gorge. Worth stopping to swim! The climb out is a pain though! Little Pond See ya later Long Trail! (though I kinda want to go back […]

Wildflowers and Such

Some kind of purple fringe orchid near Griffith Pond on Vermont. Another orchid. Another? Maple syrup tubes! Ok, this doesn’t smell like wildflowers, but it was a really cool privy at Thistle Hill shelter. Finally, a privy that isn’t a dungeon! The ones in the south are usually open at the top so you can […]

Ivy Leaging it in New Hampshire

We’re sitting at the very hoity-toity campus of Dartmouth at the moment. I certainly feel out of place, especially when we went to a college where flip-flops, shorts and pj bottoms were the haute-couture of the day and spending time between classes at the beach were the norm. Yes, my friends, we have made it […]

Mrrr. Rain. Stinky Rain.

So, we’re getting a cool front tonight/tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it—well, sorta. The cooling off part I can handle, I can’t handle the rain that is coming with it. I hate rain. Or rather, I hate rain that I have to walk in. Being wet in clothes isn’t too bad, but I hate, […]

Nuts about Chipmunks!

At a shelter in New York. Chris watched this ‘fella/gal’ go into its nest for awhile and decided to set the camera down and see what happened next! Feel free to skip ahead to about 25 seconds.

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