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  • So, we’re getting a cool front tonight/tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it—well, sorta. The cooling off part I can handle, I can’t handle the rain that is coming with it. I hate rain. Or rather, I hate rain that I have to walk in. Being wet in clothes isn’t too bad, but I hate, despise, and sneer at having wet feet. It makes me really grumpy.

    Last year apparently there were 30 straight days of rain. I would have bailed after the first few days. Not to mention I’m getting all antsy about the Whites and am not going to be happy to have rain and bad weather going through them. It makes me nervous and frustrated. I wanted to enjoy that section, difficult as it may be.

    We’re in Rutland, VT resupplying for the day. I kinda wish we’d just packed a few extra days of food and skipped coming here because it was a hard-ish hitch and we have to take the bus back to the trail head. Yes, the bus goes to the trail head. So…anyway, we’ll be heading back out as the rain comes this way. I’m not too pleased. Oh well, such is life I suppose. Can I just call this my cranky post?

    We have less than 500 miles left now. I’m guessing sometime between August 12-15th is when we will be done, which will put us at approximately 5 months. Next week is our 4th month on the trail! People….that’s a long time. I can’t even imagine being out here for six months. It really is a long time walking and walking and walking. There aren’t weekends on the trail unless you take them, zero’s, but then you just extend your time out here by doing that! I’m glad we put in all of those miles in late May and June so that we could do this thing in 5 months.

    Vermont hasn’t been the most impressive state, or at least what I imagined it to be. The mud has been mimimal, except for some spots yesterday when we got an afternoon shower, but the flies are driving us bonkers. gah, it’s annoying to have them burrowing into your hair and flying in your ears. There haven’t been too many scenic vistas here, either. And really once you approach 3,000′ do you start seeing conifers. I really love that section up there, but below the flies are worse and it looks like any other green decidious forest we’ve been through. I suppose I’d appreciate it more if it weren’t hot and I wasn’t trying to make miles. Sometimes I wish I could take my time, look at different scenes and take photos; but I can’t.

    yes, this is a Debbie Downer post. Sorry. I can’t wait for a pedicure, massage, not carrying 30 extra lbs wherever I go, washing daily (though I can see not taking a shower every day if you don’t smell), having clean and soft hair, cuddling with a pillow and sleeping in. Oh, and so much more than that. You certainly learn to appreciate the smallest things out here. Trail magic soda and apples yesterday were an absolute delight despite the rain shower coming down.

    Alas, I am going to walk to Hanover, probably in the rain (am going to be pissed if it rain’s on my birthday) and then we’ll start tackling the Whites and hopefully get out of there unscathed.

    I’ll stop complaining now.

    Patrice: I got your message. I will call you in Hanover.

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    1. dad says:

      Sorry for the LOL but its hard not to. Love you. Yes we all take the small convinces of our homes for granted, but want they be sweet when you get through hiking.
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY in case your not in phone range on Sunday. I will buy you a steak dinner when you get back. Have fun and talk to you latter.

    2. Heather says:

      A friend of mine was just telling me about her hike in VT in July, and she said the same thing about the flies. Does anyone out there get netting and put it over a brimmed hat, because that’s what I’d probably have to do. πŸ™‚ I hope the weather isn’t too bad out there. But VT does get quite a few fast-moving storms, and the word from a friend in PA who just went through the storm is that the wind was crazy, and the rain was coming down almost sideways. Maybe time for a B&B break? I’m really hoping it peters out a bit in the next day or so. Best wishes for a great birthday!

    3. Patrice says:

      Wow, Misti, I can see it’s a rough day for you. But, you have been so upbeat in your posts the last few weeks so you deserve a down day. Again, I do appreciate your honesty … I need to be reminded that this is no walk in the park! Hopefully the rain won’t be as bad as they are predicting; it wasn’t here. Talk to you soon!

    4. Stephanie (SIL) says:

      Happy Birthday Sis! Sorry it’s raining but just a few more weeks and we can go for that pedicure! Love you and miss you bunches πŸ™‚ Also, Zoe made you something and stuck it in your package that your rents just sent for your birthday!

    5. Stephanie H says:

      You’re allowed to complain every once in awhile. Plus, you’re keeping it real! If every day was sunshine and roses, I don’t think we’d believe you were hiking the Trail! πŸ™‚ I’m glad you’re days got better after this day… you’ve come so far and you’re almost done! πŸ™‚ Not too much longer and you’ll be home! πŸ™‚

    Leave a Reply