Budding Photographer

Zoe loves cameras and I think someone in the family was planning on getting her a children’s digital camera for Christmas.



The next set was very fun to shoot because it all happened in a short period of time. The final shot is one of her bawling but it came out blurry because she moved too fast for the camera settings I had on, so I didn’t bother to upload it. Oh, it will definitely be given to her parents so they can show it at her 16th birthday party! hehe!

Hey Dad, can I borrow your camera?

Sure kid, lemme show you how to use it!

YAY! I’m so happy I got the camera! It’s alllllll mine!

zoe combo 2


Nooooo, I don’t want to! (her favorite phrase, or at least it was last week.)

I’m might turn into an Auntie blogger! HAH!


  • Robin

    SO cute!! 🙂

    Trent likes cameras too. He especially loves seeing himself on the camera, computer or a cell phone picture. My sister has some movies uploaded on her computer of him, the other day he kept saying “I wanna see Trent!” We watched the same clip about twenty times. He thought it was hilarious to see himself eating cottage cheese. Heh!

    P.S. I give you two thumbs up to turn this into an Auntie blogger! 😉

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