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Wonderful Fall

Leading up to the Autumnal Equinox it really felt like summer was going to keep on going. The heat was stifling, the flowers that bloom this time of year seemed to be stalled and the leaves on the trees were holding back. Then it seemed like, BOOM! And everything is like Fall, complete with the lighting changes.

The other day we met my brother, SIL and Zoe at the Dallas Farmers Market and held back on taking photos until I saw an enormous pumpkin patch. All I wanted to do was save seeds from the wacky ones!








Aren’t they divine? I’ve never been able to grow any gourds or pumpkins because south Florida’s climate didn’t really appreciate growing the vines unless you layered them in pesticides. Since I don’t like to douse my plants in lots of chemicals I just decided not to grow them. Usually something would nibble through the vine and what flowers or small fruits started would then die.

Just enjoying this beautiful, beautiful fall weather!

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  • Stacey

    Wow! I love all the different kinds! What beauties they are! We have a decent little squash patch this year, but not that kind of variety. Once ours all get ripe I hope to do a blog post on them. I just love squash! I think they are so neat. Enjoy your fall!

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