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Grapevine Botanic Gardens

Driving around Grapevine the other day we saw a sign for the Grapevine Botanic Gardens and for as long as I’ve been in Texas (minus the 8 years in Florida) I had no idea they existed. We thought they might charge to get in, but nope, they are free! Honestly, I loved it more than some larger botanic gardens I’ve been to around here.

I think an oak hairstreak, Satyrium favonius on mist flower.

Oakleaf hydrangea

I was very happy to smell this butterfly ginger. I missed having it this year in my yard. One of my favorite plants in the garden for scent; strong and heady.

They had quite a bit of datura. These are beautiful tropical plants to grow, but be careful all parts are toxic!

Another plant I am happy to see growing around here is Cassia alata. I think this wasp was happy for it too.


Some kind of azalea. I should read signs more often. Actually, that was one of the things I liked about the park, how well they labeled plants.


A cool bug in the edible garden. I think it is Phymata erosa, a common ambush bug.

This bee was very easy going and let me take lots of shots.

I have no clue what this is but I was bound and determined to get a shot. The flower was about the size of my pinky, width wise, and the bug was even smaller. But, it’s still blurry and I have no idea what it is. Just pretty cool looking!

Definitely worth dropping by if you are in the area. Loved it out there!

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