The Fall Glow

The late afternoon is when the forest glows so beautifully. The morning has its moments, but I am fond of afternoon sunlight. How is it November already? Sometimes I wonder where the past three months went. It will be almost three months ago that we were on Katahdin. I am certainly not where I thought I would be. I think I figured we would have a place of our own by now and a ‘real’ job. Still waiting for both.

Red lycoris lining the side of a forest road; a house is nearby. I finished reading one book last week, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. On the whole I thought it was a fascinating book. The one thing that still miffs me because perhaps I just don’t understand it and need to research it, is this thing about cows needing to be milked. Really? I don’t get this because I’ve seen cattle on the range prior to their shipment to a feedlot and they have no one out there milking them other than their calves. So, if they don’t have a calf wouldn’t they not need to be milked? I don’t get this and the author went on a tangent about domesticated farm animals and why they couldn’t be “free”.

The one thing it did make me thing about was the cost of transportation as well as the cost of being vegetarian. Aside from the cost of taking an animal life, there is a huge cost associated with growing soy and vegetables, especially those imported from countries that are destroying native lands like the rainforest in order to grow soy and corn. It really hit home that eating as local as possible is truly the best thing and made me miss growing my own vegetables. I also now want chickens to raise, but I really don’t think I could slaughter them. I could handle having fresh eggs, though!

blurred leaves
My next book is Persuasion and I am looking forward to it. I read the introduction, an essay on the life of Jane Austen. It is a real bummer that more is not known about her and I really wonder at what those letters said that her sister Cassandra destroyed. It is a shame to not know a bit more about her life and more of a basis on her books.

I finished a sock I was crocheting the other day. Well, most of it, I need to sew the toe up. Now I need to work on the second sock. The first one is a bit big, I should have made a smaller size. I also frogged it twice in order to get it right. I was thrilled to finally get it going correctly which is why it took me so long to finish it; I lost a lot of energy and desire to do it.

We had a rain day at work today so I am hoping we have another tomorrow, it’s supposed to rain again. We are “thisclose” to finishing our photography website and after uploading and proofing everything over I hope I can publish it here next week.

Happy Wednesday!

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