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Cool stuff on the web

  • Kal has some cool Christmas desktop backgrounds to download, plus a plethora of other creative things you can buy for Christmas.
  • Kasie has a recipe for pumpkin whoopie pies…um, yeah!!! Mom, make these!
  • Elizabeth reaffirmed my dreamy nature in admitting she too wished to marry Prince William. We are both already off the market, but now Prince William is too. *drat*.
  • Renee’s apple drawing made me want to bust out some art supplies. Check our her calendars, too.
  • Chiot’s Run is also putting out a calendar for next year. It looks super awesome! We debated doing one before we started this job but the job started and it was shelved. Next year!
  • Major Chafage, who we hiked with in MD and PA, has a blog.
  • Go Vote for The Cat Network to win $50,000—PLEASE!!!

Random Thoughts

  • Communicating with someone who speaks very little English is difficult. Having a conversation is fun at times, trying to get across what you are trying to say. However, it is easier for me to figure out what they are saying than for me to tell them something. Like yesterday, I learned the guy I am following on the trash line (long story on my job…it’s boring so I’m not going to bore you), his wife lives in Honduras still, near a big lake with lily pads and you can see fish in the water, which is apparently unlike the lake near where we are because it is filthy and not clean.
  • On Elizabeth’s post up above she mentioned that she was glad that Kate Middleton was a brunette. I’ve never understood the blonde hate/dislike. I certainly never got more boys in school than any other brunette. I think blondes are just misunderstood. *sigh*
  • Patrice mentioned that she saw an AT book in my future. Not sure about that, but I was thinking of a fiction book, though. I did not journal on the trail much, just some random thoughts at times and minor details, but nothing major. I was just not into it like I thought I would be. Surprisingly I am able to remember a lot when I go through the guidebook and look at our pictures, but I would never be able to come up with conversations. But, I do like the idea of an AT fiction book based on some of our experiences. So, maybe. We’ll see, I’ve got a lot of things on my plate now, but perhaps I can pick at it.
  • The first part of the last Harry Potter movie comes out on Friday and I can’t wait—but, I don’t know if we are going to go on opening night or not. The nearest theater is 35 miles away and I don’t now if I want to do that drive after working all day and getting in late. We’ll see. I wish I had my book, though.
  • I am not pleased because I think we have to work Thanksgiving. The only upside is that right now the weather forecast is calling for thunderstorms, so maybe we’ll get a rain day, only we won’t find out until 7am and then there is no way we can make a 4 hour drive to DFW, eat food and drive back. Well, we could, but do we want to? Anyone want to come see us???? I am kinda bitter about this actually, mostly because it would have been the first time in a long time to be home on Thanksgiving, and even Christmas which we’ve only come home once or twice during our 8 years in Florida for Christmas. I really wanted to be with family and it appears I won’t be. So, yeah. I’m not happy to say the least.
  • And enough whining I guess.


  • mom

    well pooopooo! I sure don’t want you to drive 4 hours and eat and drive 4 hours again. Nope!!!!! 🙁 ppppppphhhhhhbbbbbbbbbbbhhhbhhbhbhbh

  • Kim

    Misti- I have been following your blog since I came upon it after googling some Fakatchee related stuff – I grew up in Naples and love hiking and exploring the Fak when I am down visiting my family. Congrats to you and your husband on your amazing AT journey, I have really enjoyed reading all about your adventures. Your photos are amazing!

    I wanted to check with you to see if you were still actively administering the Facebook page for the Fak- there are some weird commmercial posts on there lately that need to be removed. If you are too busy, I’d be happy to replace you as admin- I get down there 4-5 times a year and am a member of Friends of Fakahatchee. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    Again, thanks for sharing all your cool adventures.


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