Sometimes when I get a bit overwhelmed I just stop writing. Things get so cluttered in my head that I have to put it all down and step back. I think in my head but just lose the urge to write when I get home.

I’ve been a bit more stressed than usual because two weeks ago my truck crapped out on me for what appears to be for good. I went to get an oil change and then to the grocery store and when I came back out it acted like it had two previous weeks before that. We had some towing issues, the tow guy didn’t come when he said he would, and the it was Thanksgiving week and so we didn’t get an answer to what the problem was until this week. The answer was a new engine was needed, which we didn’t take so well. First we thought we’d tow it to another dealership in a bigger town but then decided to wait, but it ended up being towed anyway because our waiting was never relayed to the tow driver. Turns out that the other dealership agrees on engine issues but thinks it was caused by my problem a month ago with the timing chain. I don’t know other than we either have to a: buy a new engine or b: buy a new car. My truck is 8 years old and is probably pushing 140K. I can’t even really think about buying a new car until we are done with this project because I don’t even have time to go buy a car now. Ugh.

Patrice sent me her copies of the The Barefoot Sisters and I am enjoying them immensely. I decided to read the southbound book first since that section was freshest in my head, nearing four months off the trail. Four months—time has gone fast.

Right now I am up to the part of the southern Whites and entering New Hampshire and it makes me very sad for the trail. I miss it a lot. Do I miss some of the rain days? No. But, I miss the freedom, the sights, the feeling of trail life. I think the funniest thing about the book, though, is how much the AMC has not changed in 10 years. The treatment, or lack thereof, of thru-hikers in the Whites really needs to change. I received a questionnaire from the AMC I was going to throw away (how did they get my address???? Oh, crap I just realized it—when we stayed at the Joe Dodge Lodge. Dang it!) but I decided that I’d do my part in telling them how it is and write a note to go with it.

Alas, I am feeling non-crafty and can’t even finish the socks that are 30 minutes from completion. I think I am feeling the winter-blues.


  • Patrice

    Sorry about your truck! BAD TIMING!

    I’m glad you are enjoying the books! I have about 20 pages left on mine (Blind Courage). He talks a lot about the “aftermath” of the trail. How everyone desires to go back, but it’s like a breakup. You only remember the good parts. Hopefully the transition back to reality gets easier.

    I do hear you on the motivation thing. I keep very busy in unemployment, but on the days I am just at home with my “to do” list (like today), I lack motivation. There are literally millions of things I could do, but …

  • Mom

    Well I’m thinking about coming with Dad’s truck and pulling your truck back here. Maybe it can be fixed cheaper someplace around here. Try not to worry about it, it will work out. Love you

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