“I’m on Fire”

Sunday night I sat down to catch up on the latest Grey’s Anatomy on my computer (oh, tv on the internet…pretty sweet!) and once the episode was done I wan’t ready to take my headphones off. I started flipping through YouTube looking for songs to listen to. I started with Tori Amos and then saw she had a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s I’m on Fire and then I looked and saw Sara Bareilles had a cover. I’m not a big fan of her but I absolutely love her cover. Check it out:

I’ve been playing it over and over again. Then I look around for something else to listen to and then go back to that. Yes, slightly obsessed.

I’m also liking this AT video from Rooster. He initially was ahead of us but later we passed him when he got off the trail for some personal stuff and then got back on. He also has some excellent photos on his blog. We met one other person who carried a nice dSLR with them, but man, I wouldn’t tempt it!

Slowly I am working away at the Vermont Trail Tales. I’m up to Manchester Center and didn’t realize I had all that much to say until I started writing. It’s going to be a massive blog and I know the final two states will be the same. I have a lot of Maine that I never got around to sharing so I will be excited to share some of those photos. I heard a loon on Grey’s Anatomy and went “oooh, Maine!”, but they were in Washington.

Feeling a bit sad for Elizabeth Edwards. One time I liked John Edwards until it came out he was a lying, cheating no-good jackass. But, I still liked Elizabeth.

Guess I better start working on some Christmas cards!

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  • Jamie Drake

    HAha! I love the randomness of this post! It’s very much like me. BTW I feel sad for Elizabeth Edwards also and hope that John Edwards feels as much guilt as she does hurt. “Oh what a tangled web we weave…” I hope her final time here will be happy and light. I don’t watch Grey’s anymore, I got lost somewhere when Izzy was dying but was miraculously cured.. Anyways.. finally catching up on some blog reading. :)Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or however you like to hear it. 😉

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