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Nature in the City: Bob Jones Nature Center

I found out about the Bob Jones Nature Center in Southlake, TX from my friend Amanda. It’s among the many nature areas that line Grapevine Lake.

On Monday evening I felt the need to take some photos and get out in nature some so Chris and I drove up to the preserve. It was deserted except for what appeared to be a staff or volunteer car next to the education building. We set off down the trails to the east and behind the education building not sure where we would end up. I initially didn’t take too many photos when I remembered that I could do a Nature in the City post. By this time we’d actually ended up on the outer boundaries of the preserve and into some of the Walnut Grove trails.

Here’s a bit of what we saw:


We found lots of old jars and debris from old homesteads. I am kinda curious why some of these haven’t been cleaned up yet. Still, they provided interesting photography subjects.

Another remnant of old homesteads, maybe broccoli?



Chris needed to kick around to see if there were any snakes hiding. No snakes!

The trails were decently marked, though you could easily end up on an animal trail that has been taken by humans enough to have eroded into a real trail.


Estigmene acrea
Estigmene acrea hanging on in the wind.

There weren’t too many blooms but we did see a lot of blackberry vines.

I’ll have to go back when we get some spring rains and see what else is poking around. Chris did scare off an owl, probably a barred owl.

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