The Egg Hunt

A few of my favorites from Easter, I took tons so I picked a few to share. If you are friends with me on FB the rest of the album is over there.

Zoe had a blast looking for eggs, is now smart enough to organize and separated the plastic ones from the hard boiled ones, even sometimes eschewing the hard boiled ones for the plastic because she knew candy was inside. She even said one of the hardboiled ones was ugly and didn’t pick it up! It was brown on one side and yellow on the other so I flipped it over to the yellow and managed to get her to pick it up later. Lots of fun for the little kid! I think the big kids had fun, too!

Zoe is my niece in case someone who doesn’t read regularly doesn’t know!





My brother taught himself to juggle! This was a talent I didn’t know he had. When we were kids we’d pretend to juggle and toss two items back and forth!





See, candy, the best part!






Will miss the cutie pie while we are working in Beaumont for two months. It was good to have a lot of family over for Easter. My dad smoked two turkeys, mom made a beaucoup (pronounce that the southern way of “bookoo”) of food and we stuffed ourselves silly! Good times!

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One thought on “The Egg Hunt

  1. chel says:

    soooo sweet! and that last photo gets my mind whirling with inspiration 🙂

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