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Since planting a lot of the vegetables in early March (mom planted some in February, too) here’s a follow-up on how things are going. Right now the garden in the backyard is great but at the plot—not so much! We’re not sure what the culprit is, too many coffee grounds, too much water, who knows, but everything is fairly stunted. The onions are just now starting to bulb whereas my brother’s plot has well bulbing onions. The potatoes withered and are basically dead, something ate the tops of the okra, and whereas everything else is alive and doing ok, they aren’t growing and seem to be stunted. It’s very strange. Mom is planning on ripping up the potatoes to see if there are any tubers to even eat, then possibly digging out all the dirt in that section and replacing it to try something else.

In the backyard we had a ton, ton, of lettuce! Coming out our ears! See the following photos for a good look at what’s going on.

lettuce pepper
The lettuce, thick growing and very delicious. Nothing like grabbing fresh lettuce from the yard. Maybe I’ll work on a cold frame one day so we can extend the season. Below is one of the peppers forming a pepper.

The tomatoes are doing well and we’ve eaten a few of the small cherry tomatoes. Zoe has enjoyed picking them off and loves eating them fresh. From the top, clockwise: I think that is a pink brandywine, roma, I think sweet baby girl, and green zebra. We’ve got several others that I didn’t snap shots of.

tomato cabbagte
Tomatoes and the gigantic cabbage that was started originally by my brother and have flourished.

I think our happiest moments have been eating the radishes! I’ve never been able to grow them in the past, or at least I haven’t tried hard.

Radishes are fast growing for harvest, 30 days! Worth trying if you want something ‘quick’.

Not sure what will be growing when we return from our two months in Beaumont. We’re back to work again and will have to rely on reports from my mom on how the garden grows!

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  • chel

    VERY cool- I will have to give radishes a try! I’m now starting to get very interested in growing cucumbers- I eat them every day and and just ate the first ready one from our garden and WOW, what a difference. So now I want to get a zillion varieties and taste them all. We also had our first red onion the other day, and it was delicious.

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