Thanks Mom!

This is my mom. Dad calls her Donna, I call her Mom and Moosie (a name I came up with in high school from Moo-Moo which I don’t know how that started) and Zoe, my niece, calls her Mimi. She’s cool and I love her. We like to shop together, do creative things, and somehow I eventually caught on to cooking despite resisting strongly throughout my growing up years. She adds butter to things I wouldn’t, like eggs, but you know, that’s ok.

But, today, Mother’s Day, I’d like to thank her for my freckles! I can’t imagine having a bare face. I mean, it would be interesting to see and most days I don’t actually see my freckles, they are just there, a part of me.

365 035: February 12, 2008
So, thanks for the freckles mom! I guess we should really thank Nan, though and the rest of the Reeves line!

Source: via Misti on Pinterest

I found this on Pininterest and would like to attribute it to the correct Etsy shop but couldn’t find it. Anyway, I think it sums it up!

Happy Mother’s Day mom! You ROCK! 🙂


  • Mom

    Well I guess I should say your welcome for the freckles. But you know I used to try to scrub them off. I hated them. Until someone told me they were angel kisses. Then I looked at them a different way. I love you. “hugs” and the boys say meow!

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