Appalachian Trail 2010

Sunrise A Year Ago

Chris Kite Flying on Katahdin Summit!

I will wax poetic for years to come about August 11, 2010.

A year ago if you’d asked me where I would be today I wouldn’t have had a clue. And now, looking back a year later I would have told myself to stay another week or two in Maine and slow the heck down. We had a good pace, in fact, I loved our pace, but I would’ve like to have enjoyed Maine a bit more. Then again, I wouldn’t take back our summit day, the rare Class I day with a perfect sunrise and summitting Katahdin with some of our favorite people: Cubbie, Dilly Dally and Blue Rooster….and no one else.

A year later, though I’ve written more comprehensive blog posts about the hike, I still ruminate writing a book on the experience and on our Florida Trail hike. I debate on how to set it apart from every other AT hiking book there is out there. Maybe it will be published for all to read, maybe not. At least I could get it out of my head.

Summit of Katahdin @ Sunrise

If you missed our AT journal, click here. And my post about our summit: The Greatest Mountain.



  • Katie @KatieDid

    I found myself saying those exact same words to someone the other day… I have NO clue where I’ll be in a year. Its the first time in my life I can truly say that, because up until now everything has been pretty mapped out for me… high school, college, etc. It’s a scary feeling, but so exciting too.

  • Beegirl

    Book! Book! I vote book!!
    There are so few adventure/hiking books. I think I have pretty much exhausted any/all reads in our library.

    We just got into backpacking last fall and loved it. Don’t think I could do the AT.. LOVED your picture at the end. Off to poke around your journal (how have I missed this?)

    You can do it!!

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