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I was digging through some old photo albums the other day looking for photos for the front of some houses (another blog series I’m contemplating) and found a few old photos of my parents that I loved.

On their wedding day. Mom recently went through her clothes and was going to get rid of her wedding dress. At the last minute I pulled it out of the donation pile, though I ended up leaving dad’s leisure suit in. I should’ve gotten it too. I need to get rid of my wedding dress before I have a kid who wants to take it out of the donation pile.

I love this photo because they look like hippies! Mom would say that what she is wearing is a “Misti outfit” but it turns out it would be a mom outfit, too!

And more recently at a wedding of a family friend a few weeks ago. Now, their 1977 selves came out on the dance floor that night, boogieing it up to some 70s music! I have photos of that, too! 😉

*love* y’all!

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