My nephew was born on Thursday making me an aunt for the third time. Chris and I drove back to DFW for the weekend to spend time with the family and meet the latest member of the clan. He is *so* sweet! I was glad that Chris got to see him as an infant since he did not meet Zoe, our niece, until she was a year and a half. I took a zillion photos but I pulled these out quickly to post. I’ll be going through more of them this week.

Low light conditions for the most part kept me at ISO 800 or 1600, though I was able to utilize my faster 50mm lens for some good shots. Hoping I can get some more photos of everyone in better light before we head back home.

Curt, Grayson’s dad, giving him a bottle.

Uncle Chris with Grayson



Chris with Grayson

Dad and son (*love* this one)


Pulling a Whitlock self portrait…(Whitlock is my maiden name)

Mimi (my mom) and Uncle Chris loving over the kid in the bassinet. Chris had just said “He’s so cute!” and my mom had a fit about it! heheh!

Chris took this one for me…he got a bunch of shots on his camera but will process this later this week. Excited to see what he got with the macro lens.

Big sis talking about stinky diapers

Zoe having a fit with PawPaw, my dad. I wanted to get a photo of them together but she wasn’t having it.

I took a bunch of these two together but didn’t look closely at the best ones, just wanted to show a few of them together.

Was trying to capture Zoe making her face and get the whole thing in shot but I ended up focusing on the hands instead—that’s what happens when kids are moving so fast! I’ll have to pick through and see if any other came out, but I liked the set up of this one.

Poppy, my sister in law’s dad, and Zoe.

Dressed for home—his pants are too big for him and they are preemie sized! He’s an itty bitty thing!

*love* this little kid! I can’t wait to get to know him and see how Zoe interacts with him. Glad I live only four hours away instead of an airplane ride away so I can see him grow up more often!

This week I’m going to look for some of the photos I took of Zoe four days after she was born and compare them to Grayson and see how much they look alike! He also looks like his other sister Ashleigh. It would’ve been fun to have two sisters in the room today with their brother…


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