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  • pizza
    When we moved in Chris and I decided we’d start planning our weekly meals out in an effort to safe money and not to waste food. So far we have done well and I’ve enjoyed doing what we’ve planned. Our one night out to eat is on Wednesdays and we look forward to that. I’m sure we will be a little more hectic once Chris finds a job and we both have to come home tired from work, but right now I have house-husband so I normally have a meal ready or nearly ready to eat when I get home from work. Yes, it is nice! He did tell me that I had to cook something this week so I’ve got to come up with a something good to eat on Friday.

    At the library I checked out a bunch of vegetarian cookbooks and Chris picked out some canning and preserving books. He found this pizza recipe in one of those books. Honestly I was a bit skeptical when he told me what was on it but when I saw it out of the oven and then tasted it—oh it was good! The crust is very thin and tastes wonderful, the sauce is pesto, mozzarella and goat cheese on top with some green olives too. He meant to put some garlic on top but forgot until after the pizza was cooked. Next time! You could add meat to it if you wanted, but I think it tastes fine without.

    Yesterday we made Drunken Beans, a meatless Mexican recipe I found in another cookbook. It’s ‘drunken’ because it requires a bottle of Dos Equis, but Chris substituted Corona. Can’t taste any beer in the beans, but they did come out with a sort of Ranch Style Beans taste to them. We’re using leftovers to make taco salad tonight. One ingredient it called for was a Mexican style brown sugar called piloncillo. We weren’t too sure we’d find it and while rummaging through the produce section we came across it piled up with the chili peppers. Score!

    Despite not having curb side recycling we bought a second trash can that is solely dedicated to recycling. We’ve been reducing our trash a considerable amount because of that. The recycling center is right next to the community garden so it will make it easy to take things when we are going that direction. We’re also starting to collect food scraps in a cut out milk jug under the kitchen sink for taking to the compost pile at the garden. I’ve always wanted to do that but in the past haven’t had a compost pile to take it to. I’m hoping we develop some rich dirt to grow our fall crops in!

    Still without internet at the house so I’m doing my blogging and scheduling from Mickey D’s. Will try to get some other posts up for next week—hopefully this situation will be resolved soon so that I can do some research for the project I’m working on!

    Cute photos of the niece and nephew tomorrow!

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    1. Elizabeth says:

      The pizza looks and sounds delicious. I LOVE goat cheese! Here in the next few weeks I’m going to try out a low-carb recipe using cauliflower as the crust. Sounds weird, I know, but it gets rave reviews! I’ll let you know.

    2. chel says:

      Oh wow, that looks AMAZING. Yum yum yum.

    3. Cheryl Clark says:

      My hero! I always say that I will plan our weekly meals and shop accordingly, but I never do. And good for you for recycling! Our recycle bin is as big as our garbage bin and is picked up weekly – curbside! I know I’m spoiled by that and I LOVE IT! Often times our recycle bin is more full than our garbage.

    4. Chris (hubby) says:

      I just ate lunch and looking at that pizza makes me hungry!

    5. Summer says:

      One of my favorite vegetarian cookbooks is Veganomicon. The recipes take a bit of planning because there are some ingredients that might not be in the cabinets, and there is often marinating time, but everything I’ve cooked out of it has been amazing. I especially like the marinated tempeh recipes. I love cheese, but totally don’t miss the dairy out of these recipes. Have fun!

    6. Katie @KatieDid says:

      That’s great that you can stick with meal plans! I don’t think it would work for me cuz I’m sort of a fly by the seat of my pants meal eater. It really must save you time and money though!

    7. Moosie says:

      You know I thougt our recycling would cut back
      When y’all moved but it has not.

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