I wasn’t expecting to have this much of a harvest last Thursday. It started raining around 4pm, a heavy rain, one that I was hoping would refill the rain barrel. I was glad I didn’t have to water as the last time I went the well had run dry, spitting air out instead of water […]

Late October at the Garden Plot

I’ll start off with a major symbol of autumn and Halloween, the pumpkin. This one is the ripest of the bunch, there are a few more that are still green. I wonder when you really know to pick them? Squash are producing prolifically. Chris had hand pollinated a lot of the zucchini so I have […]

PA Wrap Up

+Heading back to Texas this week. Chris is switching with me, taking my place here while I go home to our cats. Looking forward to being home again and seeing my cats and the garden. +I will miss the hills and beauty of the area. I won’t miss the cold, dreary weather we’ve been having […]

Forest Magic

Right now the forest here in PA seems magical. It is in the autumn transition of losing leaves and going dormant. Recent rains have everything glistening and dewy. Perhaps I could venture to say soggy! I know my boots are soggy each day I get done. So many different colors and every day it seems […]

Animal Encounters

Last Friday was a good animal encounter day. My coworker Ann and I had just set off down a dirt road towards the area we were supposed to cover for the day when around the bend of the road I spotted something brown. It took about half a second for me to recognize that it […]

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