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    Photography Website Update: Wildscape Photo

    I spent some time this spring working on my galleries on my section of our website. When I put everything together in late Fall 2010 I was rushed and hadn’t thought it through. I’ve taken so many more photos since then and while I haven’t put all of those up yet, I have re-organized the website into better galleries. I’ve also created an image index because our galleries aren’t easily searchable. I also wanted the words to be able to be pulled up in a search engine and this way they will. The headers of each listing should be linked to the appropriate gallery. I still have a lot of…

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    Trout Lilies | In Macro

    Remember back in February how I photographed trout lilies at Tandy Hills? Well, I finally finished processing my macro shots taken with our 65mm macro. And let me tell you, I think this lens is the sweetest thing ever! The photos were awesome and now that we bought the flash to go with it I’ll be able to do more with lower light conditions, which happen easily when using the higher ‘X’ magnifications. Here they are…enjoy! Today I’m also over at Sprout Dispatch, so come by and say hi!

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    The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania | Pine Creek Gorge

    A couple of weeks ago Chris and I had one overlapping day as he went to PA to work and I was heading back to Texas. Part of our day together was at Penn’s Cave and the first half of the day was spent at Leonard Harrison State Park and hiking down the Turkey Path to the bottom of Pine Creek Gorge. It was a beautiful hike down as is evident in the photos below. I highly recommend hitting this park up if you are in the area. The trail itself is switchbacked well and maintained nicely. Though I am out of mountain hiking shape and was still huffing and…

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    Four Mile Run | Sneak Peak

    Since Chris and I hadn’t seen each other for two weeks we were able to get a day off together this last weekend in Pennsylvania. I was being sent home and he was going to be there for a few more weeks. We took off to sight-see around Pennsylvania and ended up at the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. We snaked our way down the trail to see several water falls and then finally to Pine Creek itself. The photo above is just a teaser to the rest I am going to process later this week. I had a bit of fun with this one, it was my first HDR image.…

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    Our Work in Print | Wildscape Photo

    We’ve been decorating our house with some of our work. It is nice to see our work off of the computer and on the wall! Not only that, but it reaffirms that we are doing something right! Chris ordered canvas prints from Pixel 2 Canvas because they had a discount sale on particular canvas sizes. He opted for a 40×60 print of this shot taken in Fakahatchee Strand. The flowers up close are clamshell orchids, Encyclia cochleata. I was hesitant about the shot on the computer but I really love it printed. You can almost feel like you are walking through the swamp! I went back and forth on what…

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    Texas Wildflowers: Saururus cernuus, Lizard’s tail

    This plant is one of my favorite wetland plants. They offer beautiful texture to the marsh and smell pretty good, too! A wetland plant, they are a perennial and range to approximately 2′ in height. Lizard’s tail is native to much of the U.S. and can be found in freshwater to brackish marshes. The plant mainly spreads by rhizomes so it would be easy to divide and spread in a garden. Apparently in Connecticut and Rhode Island the plant is considered endangered! More information: +Missouri Plants information +USDA page +Wildflower.org +Connecticut Botanical Society +Pond Megastore potential place to buy it for your garden. +Water Garden.org another potential place to buy…

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    Argiope aurantia juvenile | Black and Yellow Argiope

    I’m not looking forward to these spiders getting larger, they seem to get bigger by the day. We keep walking into their webs on an hourly basis, thankfully Chris is the web walker most days. Took me a bit to figure out which spider this was because it was a juvenile but I found a great resource here. I love spiders from a distance and always see very cool ones in the mud and even walking on the water and floating plants in the Thicket. Wish I had my camera for those shots but when you are waste deep in mud and water, and carrying equipment and such, it isn’t…

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    Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve | Part I

    A few weekends ago, on our Sunday off, Chris and I went to the Watson Preserve. It’s about an hour from Beaumont and well worth the drive. In fact, it has such a diversity and beat the Sundew Trail at the Big Thicket that day for having more blooms and plants worth seeing. I’d love to meet Geraldine Watson sometime (you must watch the video that is the link!). If you are ever in the area I highly recommend stopping by this place and checking it out. I’m breaking the trip down into several posts as I took a zillion photos. The photos on this post are with three areas…