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The Northern Forest

Since I’m spending a few weeks in northern Pennsylvania for work I will be posting a lot of photos from my work in the woods. We didn’t get to do a lot yesterday because of planning and the rain but here’s a snapshot:

Apples! Growing up in the south I did not get to enjoy apples off of trees so when we found apple trees near a hunt camp we got really excited! I know, I know, I’m sure they are commonplace to those up north, but it is still exciting!

Then someone pointed out the red ones and we got even more excited! It’s kind of like finding citrus in Florida, a fun find!

Lots of unique features in the woods here. I’m guessing this is a spring house with the water pouring out below.

A wonderful little pond that we stopped at for awhile today. Later we drove by and geese were floating along.

We went to check out a bog and were baffled by these red berries when someone mentioned they could be cranberries. Duh, cranberry bog!

It was a beautiful little bog with lots of unique wetland plants growing.

I did not like the cranberries. Others enjoyed them but they are not my favorite fruit…probably on the least favorite list.

Driving through the forest we kept being amazed at the beauty of falling leaves. We were up on some small mountains and ridges and the color change is more noticeable than down in the river valley.

Part of the recent flooding from Hurricanes Irene and Lee. There is major damage in some other areas, homes flooded out and crops washed away. Pretty insane.

Hard to believe something seemingly calm can be so destructive.


  • Mom

    How awesome to be able to pick apples!!!!!!!!!! I so wish I could be there (not working mind you) but sharing all the fun. You can keep the cranberries, unless it is for the salad Stephanie makes and Thanksgiving or for some cranberry bread that I have made before.

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