Weekending with the Whitlocks

Last weekend I went up to DFW to visit my family and to see one of my good friends who had recently had her first baby. I was excited to be going up there because my niece and nephew were going to be staying at my parents house for the night on Friday. Slumber party!!!!!

You can see Zoe above making ‘poop and pee panckes’. Yep. That’s right! Her imagination runs wild! And yes, I had to ‘eat’ a few of them too.

Zoe crashed in my bed and boy, definitely not your best sleep. But, that’s ok because I got to snuggle with her as we fell asleep to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. In the morning she woke me up (as I was rolling over to try to go back to sleep) and say “Look, Aunt T!”, pointing to the window. “Good morning sun!”

Then we brought Grayson in where he watched Zoe as she watched a video on my mom’s iPhone.

While I usually see this kid smiling in all of my brother and sister in law’s photos, he did cry a few times. But, he is still a very happy baby!




Mom took this on her phone at Carrabba’s. Zoe had just told me that I was a CuddleBug! 🙂 LOOOOOVEEEE this kid! Even when she is being bratty you can’t help but want to eat her up, especially when she says things that you don’t know where she pulled them from. I can’t wait for Grayson to talk (though I don’t want to rush him too much, he’s a blast right now!) and see what kinds of things he comes up with.

Red the cat is not doing too well. He’s been vomiting and not eating much and his normally thin self is even thinner. The vet thinks he has lymphoma or something else fatal. They are feeding him wet food as much as they can and trying to pamper him. He attitude has changed a lot, even from a year ago. His attitude changed when my cats showed up, I think they showed him how to be more loving. But now he will even let me kiss his face and snuggle up in his face more than he used to. I was bitten once because I lingered too long, years ago. Now, not so much. I think he knows it is nearly his time to go. 🙁

I don’t remember taking this photo, I think my brother snagged my camera.

And Grayson being a cutie pie….

with Zoe coming around and playing with Grayson. She’s finally getting more playful with him, but she is still in the ‘me’ mode, wanting you to put Grayson down so you can play with her. My sister in law caught another vantage point of his exchange. I almost took photos but I am glad I opted for video instead. As I went to get the camera I was worried she’d change her mind and stop playing, but as you can see in the video she knew we were watching and I think enjoyed the attention too. Don’t mind the tv and background chatter—we’d just found out about Whitney Houston and were trying to come up with two other celebrities who’d recently died. Etta James and Don Cornelius.

It was a happy weekend! Times like this I wish I lived closer. But, at least I am in Texas.


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