Easter Part I

Yes, I know Easter was a few weekends ago. I’m terribly behind on processing photos! Sorry! And I took so many that I’m going to have to do two separate posts!

This set is from an egg hunt at my brother, sister-in-law, and mom’s church. It was packed!

Who couldn’t love this face??

Zoe loved the petting area with several farm animals. I think she would have carried them the way she carries her cats if she could.

Grayson very happy!

My dad and Grayson! Love this picture!

Zoe in the egg hunt for her age group. Apparently she is in the stage of learning to bite her fingernails. But the photo looks like she is pondering for a moment in all the excitement what to do next.

Hunt more eggs of course!

And getting her reward!

She also got to meet the Easter Bunny and was very intimidated at first…

But managed to pose for a few photos!

Grayson loves his dog!

And my brother burning some extra calories with a 7 month old baby on the front.

More to come!

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2 thoughts on “Easter Part I

  1. chel says:

    SO sweet! You are so lucky to be near family- I miss my nephew SO much. I really wish they could move out here. <3 <3

  2. Mom says:

    Those are really good! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun day!

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