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Growing up, my hobby, other than playing outside, was reading. Now I don’t devote nearly as much time to reading as I should, though the internet is my source of reading a lot of times these days. Anyway, this is the stack of magazines I need to weed through. Chris’ dad gave me a stack of Outside magazines, a new Yoga Journal came in the mail, as did Urban Farm, and Backpacker. So did Texas Parks & Wildlife. I have a lot to flip through!

And then there is this stack, too! I have finally worked up the nerve to start The Girl Who Played With Fire, the second in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series. The first one was excellent but incredibly disturbing and mind-provoking that I had to give the story a rest. I think I’m ready for Lisbeth Salander again.

Me and Mr. Darcy is a chick-lit/Austen re-mix book that I am looking forward to breezing through.

That Used To Be Us is a political snoozer but still very interesting. Received it from my boss at Christmas and I’m still trying to finish it. It is very interesting and up to date with information from the latter part of last year. If it was leaning any way I’d say it leaned left but for the most part it is non-partisan and hanging all sorts of politicians and media out to dry.

And finally The Heirloom Life Gardener just arrived the other day unexpectedly for me, but not for Chris since he ordered it. It’s kind of a history of Baker Creek seed company but also about getting into gardening and the plants themselves. I loved the part where he describes wandering around Mexico looking for heirloom seeds at farm stands.

Maybe I’ll finish these all in May?


  • Chiot's Run

    Reading is a big thing around here too, though sadly I always have more books than time. Usually I’m reading 3 or 4 books at once. Right now I’m back on a history/gardening kick reading some great oldies and some new ones about Thomas Jefferson.

  • chel

    Right now I’m on a magazine kick. Books have become an interesting thing for me- I LOVE to read, but since I started receiving books to write reviews for, my reading has gone from things I sort of WANTED to read to things I’m moderately interested in (enough to agree to the review copy) but not sure I will love. I don’t mind it, though, to be honest. It’s sort of this strange adventure now. But I have to remember to keep purchasing books for MYSELF, books I know I will love and enjoy reading, and make that a part of my “reading” ritual as well.

  • Misti

    I too have started reading more than one book at once, Chiot’s Run…which is not how I normally did it growing up. I guess at least I can finish more books within a greater time span?

    Chel—that is one reason I kind of don’t want to do reviews though I’ve been asked for a couple of things. I like ad-free but also I don’t necessarily like to review things I might not like—taking the fun out of something too. Who knows, maybe if the right review came along!

  • Allie

    I always look forward to Yoga Journal showing up as well.
    My school finals are next week, & then I have a bit of a summer break. I’m really looking forward to some ME reading! Let me know how you like Me & Mr. Darcy or if you have any recent favorites you recommend.

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