+When I get out of the natural rhythm of life it always takes me several days to bounce back.

+Last weekend I drove to east Texas to visit one of my best friends Michelle. Her daughter’s 4th birthday was this weekend—I can’t believe that one! I came to Texas a few weeks after she was born 4 years ago and met Kylen as a tiny baby and now she’s this tall, long haired, spitting-image-of-her-momma kid! It was fun, there were cupcakes, balloons, meeting Michelle and J.P.’s extended family and friends…it was great! Now that I found an easier way to get there, (I took a different way to get there, driving two-lane backroads through several nasty thunderstorms in the dark…I was very nervous a few times and kept being paranoid about potential flash floods lurking at the bottom of hills) J.P. told me of a better way to go that included part of their path to get to College Station to visit Michelle’s brother and it was much faster and involved mostly four lane highways with speed limits of at least 65 m.p.h. or more.

+We pulled most of our onions on Sunday. Now our computer room, where we are drying them out for a week before storing them, smells really onion-y. We had to close the door because both cats were too enticed to be near them.

+In the creative realm I need to finish a drawing and a quilt and I have so much to write—blogs and ‘real’ writing too.

Maybe I will get caught up this weekend…

What is going on with you?

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  • chel

    Ohhh sunflower! I have to plant more seeds. The birds ate all the one I just planted (I had them out on the porch).

    I know what you mean about the discombobulation- I feel that quite often. Anytime a schedule changes or Tom has a deadline, it feels like the rotation of our lives has stopped and started in the opposite direction. Argh.

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