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Yellow Pear Tomato | Vegetable & Fruit Portraits




I have to say that these are going down as one of the most prolific tomatoes I have ever grown. They are giving my sungolds a run for their money on abundance. Last night I was picking the golden fruits off the vines in the last bits of light before dusk, I was reminded of black plum tomatoes that I grew in Florida. The shape is different but I was instantly missing my seeds and tomatoes from then.

It really is interesting growing tomatoes in a different climate. If I were in Florida still, the vines would have been ripped up for about a month now, or at the very latest ripping them up now. They would be ratty, worn figures of their former selves. Chel was recently lamenting the onslaught of heat, humidity and rain in SW Florida—and oh, I remember that. I’m just waiting for mine to set in. I don’t think we’ll get the rain she does, but we’re semi-coastal so I think our humidity will be quite nasty with chances for afternoon thunderstorms likely on occasion.

I saved some seeds from the yellow pears yesterday, along with a few sungold and Cherokee purple. I think seed saving is almost as much fun as harvesting the fruit! (That’s another post in itself later on.)


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