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Summer in Photos: Week 2 & 3 | June

June 12: Checking email and reading blogs

June 14: Our anniversary, watering the flower beds of our landlords while they are out of town.

June 16: A hornworm we picked off the tomatoes

June 19: Zoe showing off a couple of strawberries she and PawPaw picked.

June 20: Planning new things to plant!

June 21: Butternut squash seeds ready to go in the ground!

June 22: Charentais melon, ripe and ready

June 23: Spotted two red headed woodpecker right out my back door.

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  • chel

    LOVE this- seed packets make me *almost* as giddy as art supplies. It’s actually VERY close now. I’m about to place an order for more seeds… this time all for the little butterfly/hummingbird garden!

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