Morning in the Rainforest

A happy accident. I was photographing a stream in the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park and jostled my camera, resulting in this image. I was going to delete it but once I reviewed it in the camera I decided to keep it to see how it really looked on a screen. I love it! It’s what I get for not carrying a tripod and using my knee instead. Exif data for those interested: F/20, 0.5 sec exposure, ISO 400, 18mm.

Fall is coming. Ironically summer still felt alive and well while in NW Washington, but here in Texas, I see the changes. The beautyberry’s are fruiting, their pearled fruits turning deep lavender, and the sun is different. I spent much of this morning catching up on being gone from work for a week but as I listened to the radio (Pandora station: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, then later I noticed how I had to edge my head to the side to keep the morning sun from glaring through and hitting me square in the face. Before long the sun will be on the south side of the window instead of the north side and I’ll be tilting my head another way to keep the glare out.

I’m looking forward to fall, getting my crochet out, spending dark evenings in my art studio, and catching up on the select few t.v. shows I watch. I mean, who doesn’t want to find out who the mother is?

Once things are a little more manageable around the house I want to delve into cheesemaking and read about brewing my own kombucha. I finally bought a bottle at Whole Foods to try while in Seattle and I loved it! It convinced me to try to brew my own. At least it will be an interesting experiment…and if it is anything exciting like making sauerkraut, then I’m going to find it fascinating at least!

A long week ahead of me as I catch up around here. I’ll be working on little snippets of NW Washington so stay tuned!


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