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Forks: Quiet and No Glittering Vampires


I really thought we were going to miss visiting Forks. We’d approached the Olympic peninsula from a different direction than I’d scouted online so I didn’t think we’d make it. If you have no idea what the significant of Forks, Washington is you have probably never read or watched something called Twilight.

Forks was, well, quiet, what you’d expect from a small industrial town (think logging and fishing). It has a handful of small diners, a couple of gas stations, a grocery store and I’m sure there was a little bit more but we drove right through town and exited out the other side.

Chris was nice enough, and probably verrrry embarassed, but he took my photo in front of the sign. Then we had lunch a diner despite the fact we had enough lunches from our camping/hiking planning. I don’t know about you but once I emerge from the woods the last thing I want is peanut butter and a tortilla. In the woods it is all great and dandy, but gimme something else when I’m in civilization. The diner was standard fare—I somehow managed to find something vegetarian—I think it was a grilled cheese. Then we stopped by the coffee stand across the street (oh, how I love all of the portable coffee stands in this area! If only the idea spread throughout the country!) before heading off.

On our way to Marymere Falls via the road around Lake Crescent…

I’m not done with the Hoh Rainforest, I’m just jumping around. The Presidential debates gave me some opportunity to work on photos and get them uploaded—I just need a week of debates (or not…) to get through all of the rest of the photos.


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