Studio Progress

I’ve finally started working on painting the studio. The need to create and have a space that is organized and there for me to retreat to when I want has pushed me to get going with putting things together in here.

One can of paint is all I bought but it is very clear that I will need at least one more. The deep eggplant paint on the walls is difficult to cover and is taking multiple layers of paint. I’m also painting the baseboards as I’m going. The off-white they were painted does not look good against the bright white of the walls.

Listening to music via my mp3 player is my way of limiting the use of a computer in the studio. With a computer it is easy to go surfing the internet, but with the mp3 player I get my music and can stay focused too.

This mixed media hibiscus piece of art needs to be completed. It, along with others like it, sit scattered, waiting for me to start finishing them.

Almost done with these walls but still have some touchups once the paint dries. Then I’ll have to switch focus to the rest of the large wall and the one behind me in the photo.

Hopefully at the end of November it will be a functioning space!


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