A Couple of Munchkins

My niece and nephew came down to visit with my mom and sister in law a couple of weekends ago. I love being around my family and it is always fun to have them come visit. I can’t wait to get a couple sets of chairs to put outside so we can spend more time enjoying the yard and watching the deer.

This time around my sister in law, Stephanie, opened the front door and found herself practically face-to-face with a deer in our side yard. Deer even enticed her to get out of bed shortly after she’d told the kids to let her lay in bed longer. See, deer are worth it—even if they are scratching up your trees and eating your favorite plants!

And this one. Oh, this one….he is a handful. No, scratch that. He’s two handfuls. The bottle? It just kind of hangs in his mouth as his pacifier. He’s a strange one….but oh-so-adorable!

Talk about a messy kid too! Goodness, food—everywhere! The mess on his face is the result of him turning his plate sideways and sticking it up against his head. Oh, there was laughter ensuing shortly after!


I like Ketchup.
Kid needs to have a tarp beneath him while he eats and then you can just take baby and tarp outside to hose off!

We went to the zoo on one of the days they were here and I taught him how to look and sound like an elephant (raise you arm up next to your face and groan/horn like an elephant). It didn’t take long before all you had to do was ask him what an elephant did or sounded like and he’d raise his arm up. He doesn’t talk a lot (or talk clearly I should say, he says words you have to listen closely and decipher) yet but he sure does understand everyone well!

As messy and loud as they were, it was incredibly quiet without them around. Looking forward to Christmas and spending time with everyone again!


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