Fun with Fermentation | Round Two

So, last year I made my first batch of sauerkraut with some Chinese cabbage we grew in our plots at the community garden. This year we didn’t have an of our own cabbage as our vegetable garden at home hasn’t been built yet.

Last year I tried to make a second batch of sauerkraut sometime in late spring but the humidity in our house caused a lot of mold to grow on the top of the liquid that I felt it uncontrollable and threw the batch out. I actually felt a little bad about that because once I had scraped the mold off the top the rest of the cabbage beneath it seemed to be just fine, but I felt like I would be scraping mold off daily or every other day instead of one or twice a week as I had done with the first batch in January of last year. I decided to leave sauerkraut making to colder months in order to not deal with the mold problem.

So, enter January this year. I decided to go for it again, this time with headed cabbage bought from the store.

Second batch of sauerkraut. Tasty!

And just like last year a month is about good for developing a nice flavor in the sauerkraut. I actually really like the flavor of this one better than the one I made last year.

Since I’m the only one who eats the sauerkraut in my house this batch will be plenty for me. Maybe we’ll be able to grow our own cabbage again for when I make next year’s batch.


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