Loggerhead Shrike & Roseate Spoonbills



I’m not usually a big bird photographer but there’s a lot of bird activity these days and they can be fun to photograph. I don’t have the right lens for any decent shots of the little-brown-jobbers but I thought it would be fun to shoot some birds when we were in Galveston last week for a conference. We had a field trip during one of the days to Galveston Island State Park, a state park that Chris and I are both familiar with since we went to college in Galveston. We were driving along the main road on the back side of the park when we saw the loggerhead shrike sitting on the stick and conveniently placed behind it was a group of roseate spoonbills.

Apparently birding is the number one outdoor sport in the U.S. It seems a bit of a stretch but I guess when you get to watch bald eagles steal fish from an osprey it does make it entertaining! (We’ve seen that happen a couple of times!)

I’m over at Sprout Dispatch today; come say hi!

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