Leaf Portraits

Quercus falcata | Leaf Portraits



Feeling the need to be a little creative these days I decided to try doing leaf portraits, similar to the fruit and vegetable portraits I did last year. I’m actually planning on incorporating more of the tree into the portraits such as any interesting twigs, seeds, and flowers if they are available. I did this rough draft of a southern red oak from leaves I collected on the way to my car at my office. There were enough diverse leaf shapes that I thought they would be interesting.

A couple of things I need to change up is to get a bigger white background. I thought I had a large poster board somewhere but alas, I can’t find it. Then I need to do a bit better with my lighting to get rid of the shadows on the edges and where the leaf is…Chris gave me some ideas and I need to experiment.

But, I’m liking the results so far! Expect more in the future.


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