(More) Canoe Explorations

We took the canoe out for another spin over the weekend. It was actually my first time on the pond. Yes, after living here for a year and a half, I still had not been on the pond. Of course now I think a spin in the pond needs to be a weekly ‘thing’.

I think the only thing that ruins it for me is just how much Chinese tallow is on the pond and the little islands along the creek, upstream. It is really depressing and downright ugly.



The stream narrows up the way and while Chris was able to get further upstream a few weekends ago, the water level was lower this time around and a log prevented us from being able to go further.


One of the lovely cypresses along the stream. Chris and I now want to work on removing sections of tallow and replanting it with cypress and tupleo….oh we dream!


The best part was on our way back I caught something out of the corner of my eye sliding down the bank. We have a beaver on the pond and I noted that it the animal definitely did not have a paddle shaped tail and I thought it was an otter instead. Then, seconds later, another one slide down, and both were now under water. When they surfaced Chris got a glimpse of the face as it peeked up out of the water and agreed that they were otters! Sweet! I doubt we’ll see them down our way in the open pond, but you never know!


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