The Little Things





The last few weeks I’ve mostly avoided being in the yard or garden. I think I attempted to do a little bit early in the week of Thanksgiving, but for the most part it has been cold and dreary, and too depressing to be outside. Depressing because most items are dormant or have died from the freeze. Well, I hope they didn’t die, at least. Let’s just go with dormant.

If there’s anything that is abundant in the garden right now that would be the greens. Greens everywhere. With some radishes, and a carrot Chris attempted to harvest today. The carrot was still a bit early.

The crazy thing is I’m already dreaming of tomatoes and the seeds I can start in January. Tomatoes, the jewel of the late spring and early summer garden. I’d be one of those crazy tomato seed collectors if I let myself. The seed catalogs are coming in the mail like crazy…OK, I suppose they are really just beginning, but I get giddy when I see them tucked in with the stack of envelopes and junk from the mailbox.

But, right now it really is the little things that get me through the winter, to tide me over until the day lengthens once again.

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