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The Gayla Mize Garden | SFA Botanic Gardens

On the far east side of the Stephen F. Austin campus is a wooded area that is home to a newer garden in the SFA Botanic Gardens, the Gayla Mize garden. It is definitely a work in progress with new plantings that are only a few years old, but you can see the potential it has in the upcoming years.


Camellia yuhsienensis


Euonymus phellomanus


I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I thought over in this garden, but it was a lovely walk. Lots of interesting species plants from various parts of the world, even a sassafras species from China that we didn’t know about. Back beyond the garden is a fairly decent hiking/walking trail system that weaves up around a forested hill. Several people were out walking along those paths while we were out there.

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