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Four C Trail Ramblings: Davy Crockett NF | Part I


On our way home from Nacogdoches a couple of weekends ago, Chris and I decided to hit up a section of the Four C Trail in Davy Crockett National Forest. We weren’t on a mission for a long hike, just a leisurely stroll to stretch our legs and take some photos if the opportunity presented itself. Since I take photos to document the things we do in life in addition to more fine-art nature photography, I took all of the photos and Chris kept his camera in his bag the entire time. The trail is named for the land’s former owner, Central Coal and Coke Company, which in return most websites advise not to drink the water due to the area’s industrial past. I’m not sure which section of trail we came in at, I do know that we found the Mile 15 sign, but it might have been around FS 526. When we headed south on the trail we did find a jug of water, someone’s stash or perhaps a trail angel left it for hikers, which highlights the need for water caches when hiking the trail.


We meandered to one creek crossing that was quite narrow and interrupted by marshes.

Spring was in the air, but the forest hadn’t quite woken up yet.


Sweetgum limbs.


We found a little more diversity on the north side of the road…but that post will have to wait until tomorrow!


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