100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days: Days 16-23

Day 16: Forgot to take a photo. I had one in mind but Chris went to bed too early for me to do it so I didn’t get around to it. Note to self: take photos early in the day.

Day 17: The gardenia bush is blooming its head off right now. In the evening the smell wafts up to the front garden from the back porch where the gardenia is located.

Day 18: Harvested a decent amount of tomatoes to nosh on daily. Not enough to can yet.

Day 19: Did some gardening in the vegetable garden. Chris was able to finish about half of the perimeter herb beds so I planted several vines and herbs that have been waiting to be transplanted as well as starting other squash and bean seeds that need support along the fenceline. I’m working with the tomatoes in this photos, tying up renegade branches.

Day 20: Some of the onion harvest curing on the back patio. Still have some onions I’m waiting to harvest as they haven’t quite flopped over yet. We had a decent harvest but not the giant onions we had two years ago.

Day 21: A short, 15-minute thunderstorm blew through Friday evening as my mom and I were enjoying the view on the patio. Got a little windy there for awhile.

Day 22: Enjoying breakfast with my mom. Made some pancakes (and realized after I’d made them that I hadn’t paid attention to the Bob’s Red Mill mix I had grabbed wasn’t gluten free so I had to start over from scratch with the gluten free baking mix for her) and a fresh melon from the grocery store. I’m not usually one for cantaloupe as they can be very bland, but this one was a tiny cantaloupe and it was incredibly sweet. Can’t wait until our melon vines are producing fruit in a few months.

Day 23: The view from my kitchen table. I absolutely love this view! I wish the entire wall was one long picture window, though.

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