100 Happy Days: Days 48-58

Day 48: Figs starting to ripen!

Day 49: Passiflora lutea

Day 50: Samson…such a sweet boy.

Day 51: Starting to harvest the figs!

Day 52: No photo.

Day 53: No photo.

Day 54: My birthday present to myself from the clearance rack at REI. So comfortable!

Day 55: More figs!

Day 56: Me and my niece Zoe!

Day 57: Mom and I being silly in the dressing room of Motherhood Maternity. I was on the prowl for nursing bras and she was helping me find some. Apparently they have a little ‘belly’ belt you can put on if you aren’t showing yet so mom put it on and we had a good laugh!

Day 58: My niece and nephew! I wonder how they are going to handle competing for attention when Forest arrives!

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4 thoughts on “100 Happy Days: Days 48-58

  1. chel says:

    Forest?! That’s BEAUTIFUL- is that his name? SO gorgeous!

    And Samson is BEAUTIFUL.

    Oh- have you heard the song “Supernova” by Frank LaMontagne? It’s all about a girl named Zoe very sweet song. I don’t know if Zoe would like hearing her name in a song, though. Whenever my parents played “Michelle” by the Beatles, it freaked me out a little. But Gracie seems to like it…

  2. mlittle says:

    Oops…I didn’t mean to spill his name…it’s become habit to use it now!

  3. Moosie says:


  4. Patrice says:

    I was wondering if that was a mistake for you to reveal the name.

    The name is so fitting!!

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