100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days: Days 66-79

Day 66: The candy lilies bloomed!

Day 67: Forgot to take a photo.

Day 68: Lots of progress on the guest bedroom! Go Chris!

Day 69: Forgot to take a photo.

Day 70: Hanging with Samson on the stairs, one of his favorite spots in the house. He was already on his downhill turn at this point but was still coming out to hang with us.

Day 71: Paint in the guest bedroom!

Day 72: Homemade chocolate chip cookies…mmmmm, cooookies!

Day 73: Seed order came in! Now if they could just plant themselves in this heat….and the tomatoes can take themseles down, too.

Day 74: Not necessarily ‘happy’ but Samson was happy to have one last trip outside. Poor boy.

Day 75: Not a happy day.

Day 76: Forgot to take a photo.

Day 77: Had a baby shower at work and I had Leo model a bib for me. He was quite content to do so, too.

Day 78: Guest bedroom is almost complete! Just need the closet doors painted and the closet flooring and shelves put in. Chris has done an amazing job in there!!

Day 79: Bought the rest of our cloth diapers and Leo wanted to ‘help’ out.


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