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Chris and I have always wanted to harvest our own Christmas tree but since we don’t live in northern climes with fir trees and acres of our own forested woodland we made do with going to Spring Creek Growers for our first Christmas tree in this house. I haven’t decorated for Christmas in over five years, mostly because I’m too lazy to get the decorations out and then put them back up again a month later. Since we now have a little one in the house we figured it would be good to enjoy the holiday season a little bit more and opted to get our decorations out and get a Christmas tree for the year.

We had driven by Spring Creek Growers multiple times and have always said that it would be cool to get a tree from there and I reminded Chris today that we needed to go there for our first tree. I wasn’t expecting it to get as busy as the place was, but there were quite a few people out cutting down their own trees. The two main trees grown on the property are Leyland cypress and Virginia pine. There were Fraser firs from North Carolina in a tent out front for those wanting the more traditional tree. We opted for the Virginia pine and picked one out in the field. Next year I think we’ll have to indulge in the hay ride since Forest will be older and might enjoy the ride. As you see above there were a few farm animals and also sprinkled about the property were antique farm equipment such as corn huskers. It was definitely a kid friendly atmosphere!

It’ll be a fun tradition to continue on throughout the years!

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