Life Lately: Late June 2016


+In My Head
Not a lot, actually. Well, I take that back. A lot, actually, it just switches often. Let’s see if I can bullet point it…

  • Privatized prisons: This is thanks to OITNB, more commentary below.
  • Brexit: For once it was nice to see my social media feed filled with another country’s/dominion’s politics. I wish I’d known a little bit more about the implications before it happened—that’s my fault for trying to keep my head in the ground with the news these days.
  • Eating/Conversing while a toddler is present: I remember watching my SIL (and this still happens, actually) as she got up and down, up and down, while we had meals when she came to visit. My niece and nephew continually requested something or had something that needed attending to. Now I understand this much more completely. Eat an entire meal while pondering its tastes? Nah, that doesn’t quite happen unless the toddler is doing something else while I’m eating. Yesterday we had lunch with a friend I’ve known for 30 years this year, someone I hadn’t seen since Easter of 2015. While it was nice to see her, when we left I felt like so much didn’t get said, things I forgot to ask, because I had been focusing on the toddler’s needs: keeping him plyed with food, trying to decipher his grunts and whines because he doesn’t have words for everything yet, picking things up off the floor, managing a meltdown, etc, etc. We went to Olive Garden, somewhere I love to eat but rarely get to go because it isn’t in a convenient location in proximity to where we live. I was looking forward to eating their salad but I never finished my first plate before the meal came, mostly due to attending all of those toddler needs. I often feel like I’m occupying three different time realms at the same time and trying to focus on all of it. It’s impossible and leaves you exhausted.


  • Orange Is The New Black: This season was a whopper! I had forgotten where Season 3 had left off but that was quickly resolved with the first few minutes of Season 4! So, I know that tv likes to dramatize things however I do think, especially with think-shows like OITNB, that a lot of it is based in truth. I haven’t gotten around to read the meta-commentary on this season but I do wonder how privatized prisons really differ from government run ones.
  • The 100 Foot Journey: This was a cute movie I found on my On Demand one evening. It took a few nights to watch it but it was a sweet story about a guy and his family who had to flee India. He grows up learning to cook from his mother in the family restaurant. When they resettle in France they open a new restaurant across from a Michelin rated restaurant run by Helen Mirren.
  • Man on Wire: This documentary has been out for about 10 years and I’ve heard many people recommend it over the years. It’s about a man in the early 70s who performed a tightrope walk across the newly built World Trade Center buildings. I highly recommend watching this if you’ve got access to it!
  • The Force Awakens: Yes, I’m behind on this one. I don’t get to the movie theater anymore! My parents bought us all of the Star Wars movies and I was able to watch this one when they were here a few weeks ago. I loved it but didn’t like some of the cheesy lines they gave Leia and Han. So, Rey…a Skywalker or a Kenobi? What do you think?

+Outside My Window
I’m loving the early light in the mornings and the late light in the evenings. I’m still not a morning person but I do like that when we get up in the morning that it is sunny. It makes the mornings a little more enjoyable to see the light move across the yard.

+In The Art Studio

+In The Garden
The vegetable garden is slowly starting to function as a garden instead of a ground for growing weeds once again. I’ve planted out nearly all of the beds but there are spaces still available for other items. I thought my artichokes would rebound after the floods—we had lost one but two were holding on, however yesterday I noticed another succumbed to rot. I’ll need to replace those and possibly the third. It looks iffy. I would like to get some smaller bush beans, dragon tongue beans specifically, and more herbs.

The flower garden is slowly being weeded when I get the time between the vegetable garden weeding. Chris checked on the bees the other day and unfortunately we may lose the hive. The excessive moisture paired with not keeping up with the bees allowed the hive beetles to take over. All of the comb was mush and Chris removed it all and left the bottom board open so the hive beetles will leave. He was going to attempt to replace the bottom board and see if the bees would return but I suspect they will leave. This is definitely a bummer. Needless to say I’ll be hoarding the remaining honey we have and probably not making mead with it.

A whole bunch of nothing. I started a book a few weeks ago but haven’t been reading this month at all. I may return to reading soon.

My Blackberry Kombucha Shrub!


What’s up with you?


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