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Famous Trees of Texas | The Rio Frio Landmark (Tree 149)


It isn’t often that we’re out in the area SW of San Antonio so when we were there this time around I made sure to grab our tree book to see what might be in the area. We were in luck, just up the road from Garner State Park was the Rio Frio Landmark tree located in the very tiny ‘town’ of Rio Frio located on the east side of the Frio River.


Forest was not interested in taking a nap on Saturday afternoon despite all of my attempts to get him to lay down in the tent so we did what all parents do when they know their kid needs a nap, we took a drive! We headed up to Leakey (pronounced Lay-key) and we weren’t on the road long before he was out. We took a few minutes through the town and noted a few neat places to check out next time we are in the area before we detoured off another farm-to-market road towards Rio Frio. The descriptions in the book are kind of vague and the online information is better but I hadn’t checked out the page since a few days prior to our trip. The only thing we knew to do was drive slowly through town. That was pretty easy but we made it to the river and knew we’d missed the tree. I pulled the book back out and parsed out the information and sure enough we found the tree hiding before a short fence with some overgrown shrubs in front of a pretty Victorian house.


Wouldn’t you like to have a tree like that in your yard?


Since Forest was sleeping we quietly escaped the car to take a few photos while he snoozed.


There were two other trees we could have grabbed along the way home but one had died in the 1980s and was replaced with an offspring tree that is now only 30 years old and the other tree was on private property that the owners didn’t allow visitors to access. At least we were able to see something we might not have otherwise!

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