Action items for this week:
While there are a ton of items that I care about and I’m concerned about everything from civil rights to education, right now I feel like my focus has to be on the environment and public lands. It isn’t that I’m not paying attention to everything else but this is what I can manage to put my energy to and where I feel like I have the most knowledge and vocal strength.


First up: The March for Science happening on Earth Day, April 22nd. Satellite marches are all over the country, find one near you!

Second: Listen to this episode of SheExplores with Katie Boué as she talks about being an advocate for the outdoors.

Third: Modern Hiker has put together a list of anti-environment and public land legislation being proposed right now. I sent off post cards last week about HR 621 and 622 to my reps and then saw Chaffetz pulled 621—but I don’t think I trust him or that it would not be revived at a later date. I need to get postcard stamps because I feel like I’ll just be sending them off weekly from here on out. I’m pretty sure Cruz and Cornyn will not give a rats ass about them but maybe my House rep will. I don’t see his name in the news too often. Also, a lot of #*%@ went down at the state capitol this week and I’ve got to find some time to get familiar with what’s going on there and get on top of my local reps.

Fourth: Scream into the oblivion? I guess I will channel my anger into digging in the dirt this weekend.

What action items are you working on?

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  • chel

    wonderful! I feel similarly to you- but my focus is on humane treatment for all animals. That has always been my personal #1 commandment and I feel like when everything is imploding at once, I need to go back to that as being my activism focus. (Conservation/environment is a BIG second for me).

    One thing about this election, it made me realize that while I will support the “big” politicians in elections when the vote is imperative, when it comes to grass-roots, I need to find people and organizations that are working towards the causes I feel are most crucial. A lot of issues got lost in the dust of this election, and there are a LOT of people focusing on the bigger issues (not that they are unimportant by any means, it’s just that I feel like they are being well represented) so I think it’s important that some of us really focus our efforts on the things we feel most strongly about. I hope in the future we see some big, important politicians come forward with some BIG statements and support for the planet and for ALL the creatures and life forms that inhabit it, human AND otherwise.

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