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Oh, Florida.


This isn’t Craig Pittman’s Oh, Florida! This is I have no words for what is likely to happen to my favorite state, our friends, our former coworkers, our favorite places and spaces, and everything we love in Florida. Harvey was literally in my backyard and yet this feels so much more personal. It doesn’t help to see pictures coming out of the BVI of what Irma did there. I went to Tortola and Virgin Gorda with my parents and brother in 1996 for my parent’s 20th anniversary so those places have memories for me as well.

I didn’t—couldn’t—watch the tv coverage from Harvey. I suspect I won’t be able to do anything but watch tv this weekend. And text my friend Eliana who lives in the Kendall area of Miami.

Irma, you are welcome to wipe out as many pythons, Brazilian peppers, melaleuca trees, and giant apple snails as you can. Please spare the Key deer, liguus tree snails, Miami blue butterfly, Cape sable seaside sparrow, and snail kites, though.

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