Fun with a Slackline!

I’ve wanted a slackline for several years now and at Christmas we decided to gift my brother’s family one for when they go camping and Chris bought one for us at the same time. Last weekend we set it up at our campsite at Lake Livingston State Park and had some fun! Let’s just say I have even more respect for Philippe Petit of Man on Wire fame. Woo boy, is this hard but fun! Chris did end up stretching out another rope up top and I did get better with balancing. I tried with shoes on too but I like the feeling of going without shoes as you are better able to grip the line.

If you do any kind of front country camping or even want to have one in your backyard, it is really fun to try! I can’t wait to get better at balancing so I can work on trying some different tricks!


  • chel

    That looks like so much fun! I’m glad you got it!

    This week I splurged and ordered an underwater mini trampoline (waterproof and weighted). It’ll be good to use to get some core strength and physical balance back, plus it just looked and sounded like so much *fun*. I have been daydreaming about jumping on a trampoline my whole life (never been able to because of lack of balance and leg muscle strength) and I’m hoping it’ll be something I want to use a lot. The slackline seems like the same idea- fun but also helps physical strength. awesome!

  • Marisa

    There are a lot of students that set these up on campus between two trees. It always looks like a lot of fun. As soon as I get a backyard that will accommodate one, I’m buying myself a slackline.

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